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Michael Nolan

I’m a Multi-Disciplinary Graphic Designer

I specialize in branding, UX design
and I occasionally make videos for fun.

Are you Struggling to Reach your Audience?

I love finding creative solutions to help my clients connect with their customers.

Design Thinker

I’ve really come to find that “design thinking” reflects how I work really well. Throughout design school, I struggled to find what my niche was. For me, I found a thrill in always learning new disciplines but felt the expectation that I needed a singular discipline.

Multi Disciplinary

When I was introduced to approaching projects from a problem and solution standpoint it changed my standpoint entirely. I realized that instead of taking my one thing and applying it to everything I could honestly look at the problem and come up with the best solution imaginable. Sometimes that means having to learn something I’ve never done before and I’m perfectly okay with that.

No Templates

In a world full of templates and free logo makers there’s a barrage of design mediocrity. I create unique solutions for my clients that help them stand out among the competition and represent their company well.